Data Expertise

StreetLife provides fieldwork solutions that help you get as close as possible to your consumer, observing in-context behaviour and instigating powerful, real-time conversations
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Streetlife has the research capabilities to meet your insight needs in-situ or at a secure research facility

In the Moment Research

  • Our aim is to research in the environments that deliver real insights, interviewing at moments that make sense and engage the consumer 
  • Our dedicated research facilities are adaptable for your needs creating anything from retail research scenarios to product testing in any room in the home.  The facilities can meet both quantitative and qualitative requirements
  • We observe, collect and interpret system 1 and system 2 behaviours and attitudes
  • By visually recording interviews we can provide the lens to bring insights alive for your team and your clients

We often provide a mixed method solution to surveys


Our enthusiastic interviewing team works across the UK to deliver robust, high quality quantitative research data

  • The team has been trained to engage respondents into quantitative surveys in a relaxed and personable way
  • Our team is adaptable to conduct concise or extended interview lengths, and bespoke or continual interviewing needs
  • We believe passionately in gaining depth out of open-ended responses and utilising sophisticated quantitative questions when absolutely necessary – from pre-defined algorithm based typologies through to conjoint questioning
  • We are not afraid to advise.  If there is a better approach to your questions we will provide our input


As would be expected in a blended research world, Streetlife utilises qualitative approaches either on their own or alongside quantitative fieldwork

  • We work with you to provide the best qualitative solution, whether it is face to face or digital interviewing, groups or one-to one in-depth interviews 
  • Our qualitative unit offers all the support you need from recruitment through to moderation and if needed our moderators can provide full reporting
  • We converse expertly with a variety of respondent types, from general consumers, children, employees through to specialist/senior professionals
  • Interviews can be watched at the venue, remotely or simply recorded for later to keep you involved in your insight

Face to Face Virtually

StreetLife is committed to transferring in-person interviewing benefits into digital data collection platforms

  • Our F2F “Zoom” interviewing provides the control, rapport and confidentiality benefits of face to face CLT interviewing whilst ensuring depth in response and insight. Our approach enables us to effectively show sensitive materials, observe understanding and use more complex questioning techniques that can be a barrier to traditional online methods
  • We provide a digital voice box for consumers – enabling them to upload vox-pops and video selfies of their experience
  • Our tailored StreetLife Community completes tasks and/or provides opinions on key issues, delivering their data digitally via their mobile or online devices
  • ChatResponse uses the power of chat technology to personably interview consumers on existing digital platforms, on test websites and/or whilst interacting with digital content

Expertise and Guidelines

StreetLife has created best practice guidelines for conducting

  • Central Location Tests (Hall Tests)
  • Street interviews
  • Door to door interviews
  • In-home placements 
  • Exit interviews
  • Qualitative research
  • Telephone

We are on the Phone

Telephone interviews are conducted in the comfort of the interviewer’s home translating to a more relaxed and focused interaction with respondents

  • Whilst our team is based in the UK, we can conduct English speaking interviews Worldwide and we partner with other agencies for multi-lingual surveys 
  • We speak with consumers and B2B audiences, engaging through the security of confidentiality, re-assuring them of the research purpose, being honest with their time by, only asking the necessary, whilst listening and reacting to their responses 
  • Our respondents are recruited via your CRMs or our preferred sample providers to efficiently connect with targeted audiences
Tailoring includes using different methods to reach different respondent types