Case Studies

We are humble and don’t like to brag (too much) so below are just a few examples of the work we are proud to have delivered
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Internal understanding and use of in-bar promotional materials

Our client needed to understand the role of packaging and shelf placement in purchasing decisions

  • Shelf scenarios were created for quantitative interviews. Purchasing behaviour was observed and recorded
  • A face to face interview covered reactions to the purchasing experience and to iterations of the packaging design
  • A small section of the sample took part in a short qualitative interview to further explore opinions and provide video representations of their feelings
  • The survey methodology continued and a segment of the sample were asked to take the product home and were interviewed a week later – establishing the relationship between purchasing, experience and intention to repeat purchase

Internal understanding and use of in-bar promotional materials

  • Interviews were conducted in bars amongst client facing staff, including site managers, across several locations
  • Quantitative, semi-structured and one to one qualitative interviews were blended to fully elicit opinions
  • On delivery of the insight, follow up interviews were requested with staff who were prepared to demonstrate product/process issues in front of senior management 

Website Impact

We were asked to speak with people as they completed the browsing of an updated website that was already live

  • Respondents were selected as they naturally visited the site and were not directed to visit 
  • Part of the investigation established why people had / did not download an available app and/or be part of a rewards system
  • Overall, 350 interviews were conducted with a cross section of existing regular, occasional, and potential brand users

Regional interviews to understand consumer habits to changing gas and electricity suppliers

  • We conducted in-street interviews amongst 1000+ customers to establish brand awareness, brand affinity and past switching behaviour
  • Part of the 7-minute interview included reactions to a potential new service
  • 50% of the sample were shown an example of a door leaflet, 50% a TV advert via tablet
  • All interviews were collected via a tablet for efficient data processing and analysis
We’d love to talk to you about what we have done in the past…but more importantly what we can deliver for you in the future