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Our customers, who put their brands trust in us, are always happy to speak with other prospective clients about what to expect from working with the StreetLife team
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Pro-active and re-active

Our clients tell us they need to rely upon us throughout our partnership to deliver without surprises. Providing the best advice which is realistic and makes a difference

The best way is to develop and follow a plan. Start with your goals and work backwards to develop the proposal
  • We want our clients to rely upon us throughout a partnership. Providing anticipated, executional excellence and advice that makes a difference
  • (Research Director, International Research Agency)

  • Product testing protocols…check. Complex interviewing..check. StreetLife..Check
  • (MD, UK FMCG Market Research Agency)
  • When we needed an independent agency to find out how our clients’ business customers were perceiving them, I knew StreetLife wouldn't let me down. I'd always recommend them for consumer and B2B fieldwork
  • (Unit Head, Utilities Research)

  • We had a real challenge from our biggest client that needed us to build a shopping situation that mirrored a department in their store. We trusted StreetLife to help us create a researchable solution. Our client told us they observed believable behaviour which gave them new insight and actions for research and development
  • (Research Director, UK Research Agency)
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As the points above demonstrate we have an enviable reputation with our clients. We can share more with you on request. And don’t hesitate to provide your experience in working with us

360 Partnership

We believe in giving you feedback on how we feel we can work better together. We grow as a partnership as we evolve our experiences