Home Life

StreetLife provides fieldwork solutions that help you get as close as possible to your consumer, observing in-context behaviour and instigating powerful, real-time conversations

Home Life monitors consumer behaviour and perceptions in everyday life

Asking a panel of consumers to participate in single or multiple tasks we can:

  • Observe and document the full “occasion” around behaviour
  • Determine interpretation of stimulus including new product
  • Uncover what’s really important to the consumer
  • Gain insights into needs and gaps

Consumers like to “show and tell” and in an accelerating digital world, they are open to sharing content and celebrating tasks they fulfil. They provide insights right in front of them and hidden gems they don’t even realise

HomeLife elicits insight  through in the moment consumer mindsets and context

We work with you to create a panel and tasks to bring behavioural insights alive

Community Panel

We recruit on the back of your existing survey or invite bespoke groups of consumers to take part in tasks during their day to day behaviour

Tasks and Diaries

They are asked to complete one or a set of errands which can be updated on completion of each individual task

Upload Content

Our “panel” uploads their observation and opinions to a dedicated portal and can leave notebooks, voice recordings, pictures, selfies and/or video content

Illustrative case study
of POS impact on the shopping journey

  • We asked our panel to complete some activities when they visited their nearest X Grocery Store to shop, recording what they bought (photographed receipt) and tasked to take pictures of anything interesting as they walked the aisles
  • A collage specific to the client brand’s aisle was created, specifically highlighting point of sale material across the store and competitor brand affinity
  •  Subsequent short “Zoom” interviews focused on seeing if the panel had seen Brand X advertising, its message and its perceived influence on future purchasing behaviour

Our clients achieved a rounded view on the disruptive impact of the in-store advertising

Deep Diving the Content

To get more detail or to confirm the consensus we can conduct semi-structured interviews ensuring the panel feels important and we gather the nuance in their opinions, feelings and behaviour.

Bringing HomeLife Alive

We can work with you to create video montages, pictorial collages and/or voice-boxes to help demonstrate behaviour, visualise typologies or add colour to insights.

Continuing the Conversation

By stimulating our panel and treating them with respect, we have the ability to go back and ask households to highlight and answer the minutia when required by stakeholders.

What we'll do

SteetLife builds the HomeLife survey with you

HomeLife is flexible, ensuring the right consumer typologies and tasks are implemented to ensure we uncover insights in line with your brief

Our involvement helps you create in context scenarios and elicit content that celebrates the consumer and their behaviours

We also offer support to help maximise your outputs and provide compelling illustrations of the consumer